Decorative Concrete Contractor in Rosenberg, TX

To keep Rosenberg, Texas, properties looking great, Bullion Coatings has developed a proven system for decorative concrete resurfacing, refinishing and repairs. Despite being founded as a railroad community, this small city has evolved into a growing hub for medicinal research, warehousing and light manufacturing. All of these businesses, plus the 32,000 local residents, take a toll on the aging concrete infrastructure. Whether you need us to fill in a residential crack or renovate a historic commercial landmark, our team can handle the job with confidence.

Decorative Concrete Contractor in Rosenberg, TX

Bullion Coatings may not have been around when the First Baptist Church turned on electric lights, but we do have extensive experience within Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area. For more than 20 years, we have been helping customers to choose the textures, colors and styles that make an impact. Our most popular services include stamped concrete overlays, stained concrete, exterior texturing, epoxy floors and polyurea polyaspartic coatings.

Stamped concrete brings the look of authentic stonework to your property without the huge cost for installing new materials. Our skilled technicians carefully imprint a design on top of your existing concrete so you do not have to pay for demolition and removal. Browse our photo gallery for examples of how paver, brick and stone designs can add dimension to your driveway, walkways or patio.

If your existing floors have only minor blemishes, you may like the appearance of concrete staining. This process uses different chemicals to add color to your garage floor, pool decking, porch or entryway. Large stores appreciate the consistency of water-based stains while small homes enjoy the artistic range of acid stains. No matter which style you choose, concrete stain looks excellent in cozy ranch houses, sprawling horse properties and high-impact commercial settings.

Concrete resting near pools, fountains, water features and other wet areas requires special attention. Sundek Classic texture provides the slip resistance you need while adding an interesting, sand-like feel to the surface. This extraordinary product can drop the surface temperature by several degrees even during the most sweltering of summer months. Combine the classic texture with concrete overlays and custom coloring for a unique, pleasing presentation. Bullion Coatings operates as Houston’s exclusive Sundek concrete contractor. Our wide range of services even lets you bring the feel of Seabourne Creek Park to your backyard, courtyard or plaza.

When concrete alone cannot handle your high-traffic location, consider polyurea polyaspartic or epoxy floors. These materials add durability against heat, humidity, scrapes, vehicle traffic and foot traffic. The seamless epoxies and quartz-flecked coatings hide dirt and clean up easily. They also last for years, which means that you can enjoy the appearance of your floors every time you step on them. Warehouses, garages and locker rooms are ideal candidates for these concrete coatings.

Bullion Coatings takes pride in bringing eye-catching solutions to the Rosenberg, TX, community. Send an email to or give us a call to find out what we can do to improve your property. Just dial (281) 407-0779 to get a free quote on decorative concrete from one of our experienced representatives.

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