Decorative Concrete Contractor in Spring, Texas

If you’ve steered clear of making renovations to your property because you think you’ll have to endure a pricey dismantling of your old or damaged surfaces, it’s time to learn more about the possibilities of decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Contractor in Spring, Texas

Bullion Coatings is an exclusive Sundek installer with more than 30 years of experience managing projects in Houston and nearby areas. The company enjoys an A-plus ranking from the Better Business Bureau, and Bullion Coatings contractors know Spring and its people, structures and weather.

Spring’s concrete resurfacing experts

Spring was a successful exporter of cotton and sugarcane in the years following the Civil War, but its population had dwindled to just 300 residents by the 1930s. Legend once held that the ill-fated Bonnie and Clyde once held up a bank in Spring, but that story eventually faded into the fogs of urban myth. Spring has since become a tourist destination, and the Old Town district features many beautifully restored structures.

Bullion Coatings is proud to employ a team of seasoned professionals devoted to restoration and innovation. What secret possibilities does your property hold? It’s time to find out.

Stamped concrete

Tile, brick, wood and stone add gorgeous texture and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor environments, but you don’t have to stumble over the costs of unaffordable textiles. Let Bullion Coatings introduce you to the benefits of custom overlays designed to bring your vision to life.

Concrete staining

Concrete’s porosity makes it an extremely easy substance to stain. Why not bring yours up to date with a new contrast or fresh burst of color? Contractors at Bullion Coatings know how unforgiving Texas summers can be; water-based and acid-based stains are designed to resist peeling and chipping for many seasons to come.

Sundek Classic Texture

If you want a safe, cool pool deck where you can be proud to host summer parties, talk to Bullion Coatings about Sundek Classic Texture. This slip-resistant treatment stays friendly to bare feet while helping to reduce accidents around the poolside. Experts can also update your pool deck with any of Sundek’s signature designer looks.

Epoxy floors

Why put yourself through the expense and hassle of refinishing your floors every few years when you could be making the most of the unique benefits of epoxy flooring? Find out how a single installation can keep your surfaces looking pristine for years.

Polyaspartic floor treatments

Don’t resort to guessing when it comes to your floor treatments. Polyurea, urethane, acrylic and epoxy all boast individual benefits; ask for expert guidance if you’re trying to determine which of these options works best for your needs.

Call now

What’s stopping you from making the change of your dreams right now? Trust a concrete contractor who knows Spring, and get solutions for all of your residential or commercial questions. Get in touch with Bullion Coatings at (281) 407-0779 or, and complete the online contact form to receive your personalized quote today.

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