4 Reasons Why Metallic Epoxy Flooring Rocks

Epoxy flooring is one of the most preferred methods of improving or enhancing a plain concrete floor. It comes in various colors and it can be customized to suit your needs. One popular type is metallic floor epoxy. It can breathe new life into your concrete flooring, giving it a three-dimensional appeal that will surely make your floors stunning and unique. It can be used on both residential and commercial indoor floors. Now, there is a reason why it is recommended for indoor use. Although it is okay for use outdoors, the UV rays of the sun could discolor it. Regardless, here are reasons why homeowners love using metallic epoxy floors:

Unique but Stunning Appearance

epoxy flooringEpoxy dries to a smooth and seamless surface. The metallic appearance makes the floor appear more alive and interesting. One tip on using a metallic floor coating: leave the rest of the decor simple and subtle. This way, the sparkle on the floor won’t clash with any elaborately shiny items on the walls or ceiling.

Impressive Damage-Resistance


epoxy flooringEpoxy is such a tough and durable coating and no metallic pigment or paint chips will change that. No matter how you customize this coating, it maintains its high resistance to impact, abrasion, chemical spills, heavy loads, and high traffic.


Easy to Clean and Maintain

epoxy floors houstonIt is very easy to clean metallic epoxy flooring because you don’t have to worry about joints, gaps, or seams. Also, it is a non-porous material so dust and dirt stay on the surface, ready to be swept off. When it comes to maintenance, there is really very little you have to do to keep it in good shape. Also, the metallic surface makes the floor look clean and sparkly all the time.

Energy-Efficient Sparkle

houston epoxy flooringMetallic epoxy effectively reflects light, making a room seem brighter than it really is. This means you won’t need more lights in the room, thus, conserving more energy and keeping your electric bills from increasing.

When it comes to the best in floor coatings, epoxy flooring is a popular and highly reliable option. However, it is better to leave the installation work to the experts. It takes skill and experience to yield successful results. Epoxy can be quite tricky to work with and if you want a properly installed metallic flooring, better let an experienced concrete contractor do it for you.

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