3 Pool Deck Issues that Resurfacing Can Fix

Building the pool area took a lot of planning and hard work. Now that it is in use, it is important to still care for it so that it stays durable for a longer time. Some homeowners fail to realize this and use and abuse the pool space until repairs are needed. Fortunately, pool deck resurfacing is a highly reliable solution that can take care of most types of damage on the pool deck. Whether it is a stamped overlay, a knockdown texture, or any other coating or overlay out there, it should be able to address such issues and restore the pool deck back to glorious form.

Too Much Foot Traffic on the Pool Deck

pool deck resurfacing houstonUnless you manage a public pool deck, it is important to set limits as to how much the pool is used. High foot traffic can take a toll on a pool deck and cause it to weaken and develop issues like cracks, dents, or even holes. If your concrete pool deck already has these, a coating or overlay can help renew the surface.

Improper Balance of Pool Chemicals

pool-deck-resurfacing-houstonSometimes, the improper balance of the chemicals in pool water could cause damage to the pool deck. When pool water drips or splashes onto the concrete pool deck, the chemicals could penetrate into the concrete and weaken the slab. It may also cause unsightly stains that could be difficult to scrub off. Resurfacing can cover up or disguise unsightly stains. Concrete stains, for example, can make pool decks look new and more decorative.

Unsealed Pool Decks

pool-deck-resurfacing-houstonWhen installing a pool deck, especially if it is made of concrete, it is very important to seal it. Concrete is a very porous material. Water can penetrate it easily and wreak havoc within the slab. A layer or two of a concrete sealer will serve as a protective barrier against harmful elements that could come in contact with the pool deck. A fine aggregate can be added to sealer to make the finish slip-resistant.

There are other mistakes that could also affect the durability and longevity of a pool deck. It is important to plan ahead and take extra precaution to make sure that the pool deck is maintained properly. Prevention is always better than repairs. If you are unsure if your pool deck is installed and used the right way, consult an expert for pool deck resurfacing ideas and options.

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