5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Pool Deck Project this Fall

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It is exciting to plan a pool deck repair or remodeling project. You get to choose the enhancements or upgrades done. You also get to recreate your pool area with more appropriate aesthetics and features. However, there are crucial factors that need to be considered. One is timing. It is important to schedule the project in the best time of the year, which is Fall. During this season, the weather is great for an outdoor project. It will also provide enough time for the project to complete in time for the summer. Here are other reasons why you should have pool deck overlays installed during Fall:

  • Price – Pricing for a pool deck project is lower at this time of year. Temperature is low so business is slow, as well. It is highly recommended to schedule it at this time and take advantage of the lowest bids. Of course, it is still important to remember that there are various influential factors that could impact cost so better ask a local pro for a quote.
  • Temperature – It is a relief to experience much lower temperatures while spending a significant amount of time out on the pool deck. Installers would be able to focus better on your pool deck and require fewer breaks from the sweltering heat. Fall has cooler temperatures than Summers but warmer than what you get during Winter.
  • Drying time – Certain pool deck coatings require a good setting to be able to dry and cure in the best way possible. Extreme heat can cause moisture to evaporate prematurely, causing concrete or some other coating to dry up and crack. Cold winter weather, on the other hand, can cause moisture to harden on or within a concrete slab, making it difficult to install coatings or overlays.
  • Schedule – It is this time of year that pool deck repair contractors have only a few projects scheduled. By choosing to do the project in Fall, it would be easier to schedule a consultation with a contractor and there is no list of other pool owners that will keep you from one. Contractors also have more time for you and your project.
  • Additional Features – Landscaping the area around or on chosen areas within a pool decking is also best done during cooler climate. A cool decking is easier to navigate and walk on. Installing a hot tub makes sense, too. What better weather to try it once it is ready for use?
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