Pool Deck Remodeling or Resurfacing?

pool-deck-classic-texture-with-custom-scorelineBefore you go straight to your pool and enjoy that glorious dive in our beautiful Houston weather, step back just once and look at your pool deck. If you go for a pool deck resurfacing job by Bullion Coatings, it can definitely spice it up without the hassle of remodeling your concrete space. With our resurfacing service, we let you invent whatever kind of look you would like for your pool deck for a considerable fraction of the pool deck remodeling cost. It can also be done as fast as possible so you’re sure to use your pool in a jiffy!

The odds for your deck and patio to age faster than your pool is likely to happen. This is true because homeowners usually use the pool for a little less than half the time in a year. But the pool deck, on the other hand is left exposed to different elements outside and the weather all year round. If the pool is in good shape, the pool deck could use a little bit of a makeover or touch-up. If you would consider financial and chronological reasons, a remodeling isn’t that practical.

If you notice that your pool deck is showing signs of an apparent deterioration through cracks and other concrete damages, it’s definitely time to resurface the concrete. The cracks are more than just unsightly, it’s also a serious threat to you and your family’s safety. Somebody could trip and fall into the pool (or worse, hit their heads on the concrete. Ouch.) And speaking of safety, there are a few places where the concrete’s texture is as vital to a person’s safety and as it is around your pool. If a pool deck is too smooth, it’s sure to be a slip zone especially when wet. But you need not worry, because Houston’s Bullion Coatings has textures and finishes that are sure to protect your pool deck for more years to come.

If you want a remodeling for your pool deck, and believe that it’s the only remaining way to achieve a whole new look for your pool and concrete space, you might want to reconsider because this could be just another way for you to spend more. Concrete resurfacing offers various styles for outdoor living and decoration. For people who started building their pools for the very first time, It might seem okay to just a simple, grey concrete as the pool deck surface. But as you go through using it, a need arises for it to be beautified. Concrete resurfacing makes this possible and also saves you a great deal of money because you wouldn’t have to rip up the entire surface for it to appear better and look more interesting. We at Bullion Coatings can transform your old concrete into marvelous brick or stone pool decks through stamping, stenciling and staining. We can even create a look that imitates tile, in any kind of color, to turn your seemingly normal backyard swimming pool into a trendy resort-like pool! Our products for concrete resurfacing can be applied through spraying or troweling on the concrete surface (regardless of age and shape). Our products add beautiful color, texture and slip resistance and uses stamps and stencils for applying patterns and designs. Our products are also well equipped to resist all kinds of weather damage, salt, chemicals form the pool, UV exposure and abrasion.

If you want a new and improved stamped concrete pool deck without the added stress of remodeling, head on over to our website and check our gallery for all the best patterns and design that could be made to complement your outdoor living experience, for years to come.

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