Turn Floors into Works of Art with Pool Deck Resurfacing Houston, TX

Pool decks need to be in its best shape and it should be a reflection of a homeowner’s personal style or at least the architectural style of their home’s exterior. If it starts to show signs of wear and tear, it could discourage people from using the pool. It is time to make it a lot more interesting, and functional, than it has ever been before. Fortunately, there are concrete pool deck resurfacing Houston services that people, both home and business owners, can count on. There are qualified options to choose from when it comes to design, color, and material.

Pool Deck Repair and Resurfacing

One of the hottest trends in pool deck upgrades nowadays is decorative concrete resurfacing. The reason it has become such an interesting upgrade method is that installers can work with an existing slab. This means there would be no need to spend for a new concrete surface. Instead, a pool deck coating or overlay is applied on top of the old surface after which it can be stamped, stained, or customized to the customer’s preferences.

Overlays for Pool Decking Projects

pool deck resurfacing houston

For residential and commercial properties in the Houston, TX area that requires resurfacing, there are two types to choose from:

  • Sundek Classic Texture – This is an acrylic water-based spray system that is sprayed on concrete and then troweled afterwards. It creates a textured surface that is slip-resistant and at the same time, aesthetically appealing. It is a lot cooler underfoot than other materials and durable enough to withstand outdoor weather.
  • Stamped Concrete – If a customer’s pool deck plans involve natural stone, tile, brick, pavers, or any other expensive material, but their budget won’t allow it, then a stamped concrete overlay would be the best option. It involves an application of a concrete overlay that can then be stamped with the preferred pattern or design. The surface would then be stained to mimic the colors of the material it is trying to replicate. The great thing about this option is that it is very easy to clean and maintain.

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