Commercial Concrete Floors Houston, TX: It’s About Time to Revamp Your Business Surfaces

The look of your commercial concrete flooring directly influences the first impression a customer or client forms of your business. Do your concrete floors inspire confidence? If floors are in disrepair, it is difficult to trust the business to do a good job with the service or product it sells. Whether your business is inside Houston’s loop or located along the Beltway, consider carefully what your floors say about you. If the message is less than complimentary, give Bullion Coatings a call.

Bringing You the Best Concrete Solutions for Your Business Properties

We specialize in resurfacing projects like concrete polishing, stamping, staining, coating, etc. Since we work hard to preserve your current layer of concrete, your business can remain open during the project. There is a minimum amount of dirt and we keep the disturbance to employees and clients low. If we do need to do an extensive resurfacing project, let us schedule your commercial floor job for a day that the venue is closed. The products we use carry a very low odor and dry quickly. Frequently, our contractors can add a floor stain or decorative overlays that are suitable for high-impact traffic within 12 to 24 hours.

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Varieties of sealer systems also add safety to industrial floors. We can use textures that make floors slip-resistant and even leave them cool to the touch. This is of particular importance in industrial settings. Our services include the use of products with the chemical makeup to affect this kind of floor safety. When we use a resurfacer and sealer that makes your floors safer, you greatly reduce the risk of injuries to workers and clients. Most of these options like epoxy floor coatings only carry a low-cost commitment. If you opt for decorative overlays and want some surfaces to mimic the installation of brickwork or flagstones, the costs may be a little higher.

Looking for polished concrete floors, stained concrete, stamped overlays, epoxy coating projects for your business properties? Work now with an expert concrete contractor in Houston Texas! Contact us now at (281) 407-0779 today and receive a free quote!

Contact Bullion Coatings today for more information. Call us at (281) 407-0779, or send us an email to We are a trusted resurfacing, repair, and stamped concrete contractor in Houston and have more than 30 years of experience in the concrete business. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating is proof of our strong work ethic and our commitment to using only the best products on clients’ floors.

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