Benefits of Concrete Patio

A decade or more ago, wood patios became such a trend that every home was installing one. However, wood has the tendency to rot, warp, or even get infested by wood-eating bugs. This posed a huge problem and homeowners began looking for a more solid solution that would not cost too much. This is when the concrete patio made its comeback. Decorative concrete has made it a lot more favorable because of the many benefits it provides.

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Concrete is Versatile

Because it was used as a base material, concrete has gained popularity as a very versatile product. A stained and stamped concrete patio, for example, can be made to look just like any flooring material, such as brick, pavers, flagstone, slate, and more. It can also be used in both wide and small patios, leveled or sloped.

Durable as Time Itself

Concrete is highly durable, which is why it is a common base material for most structures, floors, buildings, and more. It can withstand outdoor climate and, if topped with a sealer, can be resistant to stains, abrasion, and other damage. A stamped concrete patio is often more durable than an actual masonry project. Why? Because it is a whole piece of slab just made to look like individual units. This means it is not separated by gaps where water can seep in or weed can grow.

Easy to Maintain

A concrete patio resurfacing has gained popularity also because it is a lot easier to clean and maintain as compared to more high-end materials. It does not promote weed growth, insects can’t breed on or in it, and it won’t rot. Also, it can be easily repaired or resurfaced if wear and tear is becoming more pronounced.

Concrete Patio Cost is More Economical

There is a wide selection of concrete patio ideas out there but one thing is for sure: it is an economical investment for both residential and commercial patios. It can be designed to look like more expensive floors without actually being expensive. Also, it can boost property resale value significantly, all thanks to the various design, color, and pattern options available.

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