Concrete Patio Houston, TX: Enhancing Outdoor Enjoyment & Satisfaction

For a while, wood was the most popular material for use on patios. However, the sunny weather in Houston has helped make it clear that it is not ideal for use in outdoor living spaces. It is also not durable enough to endure the activity of insects in the area. For these reasons, concrete became highly recommended. It is important, however, to make it clear the homeowners do not have to sacrifice the natural beauty of wood for a gray surface. There is a wide selection of patio ideas nowadays that can make it more stunning while preserving the functionality that concrete has always been able to offer.

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Concrete Patio Services

Everyone in Houston knows how important it is to spend time outdoors. Family and friends often gather for some barbecue on the patio while some just enjoy hanging out to relax and unwind. Whatever the purpose, one thing remains the same: it must be in a condition good enough for such activities. Old surfaces can be transformed in many different ways:

  • Resurfacing – Old slabs can be revived with decorative resurfacing overlays. A stamped concrete patio, for example, involves the application of a thin layer of concrete on the slab and then customized with stamped patterns.
  • Refinishing – For surfaces that have minor damage like cracks and pits, refinishing using applications such as Sundek Classic Texture, can make it look good and new again. For discolored surfaces, staining can help upgrade its color and look while masking unwanted stains and discoloration.
  • Repair – Cracks, pits, and scaling can be repaired to even out the surface. A decorative enhancement can then be done afterward to renew the look of the floor.
  • Pressure Washing – Is your surface in dire need of intensive cleaning? Pressure washing can help remove stubborn dirt that has been sitting on it for a while. This is good preparation for resurfacing, refinishing, and repairs.

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