Pool Deck Resurfacing Houston, TX: Bringing Quality Concrete Solutions for Your Pools

Old and ugly pool decks are not something anyone would want to look at on their backyards every single day. It can be quite frustrating so a lot of homeowners are sacrificing an exorbitant amount of money to have it torn out, repoured, and customized with expensive material. This does not have to be the case. There are economical services that can beautify and optimize the look and function of swimming pool decks.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Options

If the surface is still in good enough condition, meaning there are no major or irreparable damage, then it is ideal to choose pool deck resurfacing and repair services. Minor cracks can be treated with fillings and then remedied with custom scorelines or expansion joints to give the concrete slab some room to move without causing an ugly crack. A coating or overlay can also be applied on the surface to make it look new and to allow for customization to improve its overall aesthetic appeal. For those with existing coatings on their surfaces, it may require a resealing process where the sealer is reapplied to revive its shine, slip-resistance, and protective features.

Recommended Resurface Pool Deck Overlays

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Sundek Classic Texture – This coating is highly ideal for pool deck surfaces because it produces a slip-resistant surface as a result of the sprayed acrylic being troweled on existing concrete.

It comes in light shades which promote 30% cooler surfaces than regular surfaces. This makes it easier for swimmers to walk barefoot on the surface even after it has been sitting under the sun for hours.

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Stamped Overlays – A stamped concrete pool deck overlay is a popular option because it allows the customer to customize their decks in a variety of designs and patterns.

Using stamps, it can be made to look like pavers, bricks, and more. This process can be done on the entire surface or isolated on walkways, borders, or coping.           

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