Stained Concrete Installation: How Luxurious Concrete is Made

If a concrete surface has become unpleasantly stained or discolored, there is no need to replace the whole slab altogether. Concrete staining can instantly give it the appeal you desire at an economical cost. However, it is important to address these surface issues, like cracks and blemishes, first before proceeding with the stain application. Bullion Coatings introduces Micro-topping, a thin cementitious overlay material that is used to repair concrete imperfections such as chipping and spalling.

Concrete Staining Process

Staining surfaces is simple and easy. Despite this, it is still important to hire an experienced concrete contractor to do the job. This will guarantee that appropriate tools and equipment are used to ensure stunning and long-lasting results.

  • Stage 1 – Preparation

Concrete preparation depends on the condition of the surface to be stained. It is important to clean the surface thoroughly by scrubbing or grinding the surface and neutralizing it to optimize the stain penetration, especially if using an acid stain.

  • Stage 2- Stain Application

Stains are typically applied by pouring the solution into a pump sprayer and spraying the area with one or more coats to achieve the desired look. When acid staining a slab, leave the stain long enough for the chemical reactions to occur.

  • Stage 3 – Protective Coat

A clear sealer is then added to the stained surface to protect the color from fading over time and to make it easier to clean and maintain. This also gives the surface the right amount of shine to make it look brand new and luxurious. It is advisable to reseal the surface once every two years depending on how much traffic the area gets. Have a pro do the resealing to ensure that the right type of sealer is used on your space.

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Concrete can get pretty plain and boring. But why invest on expensive materials when you can just add color to it? Bullion Coatings is a decorative concrete company that specializes in stained concrete solutions for both indoor and outdoor surfaces in residential and commercial locations in Houston, TX. We take pride in our work and tremendous attention to detail and color. We make sure that your floors feature form, function, and style that satisfies your desires.

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