Epoxy Floors Houston: Durable & Seamless Surfaces for Residential & Commercial Properties

Bullion Coatings is your trusted concrete contractor in Houston, Texas for over 30 years. We are 100% licensed, bonded and insured. You can expect nothing less from our award-winning services that also earned us an A+ rating from BBB.

We specialize in premiere decorative concrete applications including resurfacing, repair, resealing, and coating, especially epoxy flooring. Each of the members of our team is professional and has no less than 10 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry. This is to ensure that the techniques and methods used for your improvement projects are tried and tested.

Moreover, each project is completed with care and quality craftsmanship. Let us hear about your epoxy flooring project! We are always here and happy to help.

epoxy flooring houston

Epoxy Flooring: How is it Installed?

Epoxy is a combination of a resin and a hardener that, when mixed together, can dry to a very hard material. It is resistant to most types of damage. This makes a great epoxy floor coating. The application process of epoxy coatings is fairly simple but requires an experienced installer. Here is a rough summary on how your epoxy flooring is transformed:

  • First, a professional installer assesses the current concrete slab, making sure it is a qualified candidate for an epoxy coating.
  • The coating is mixed and then poured onto the slab.
  • It is spread thoroughly using a roller or brush.
  • If the owner wishes, colored paint chips can be broadcasted onto the first layer, giving it that terrazzo-like appearance.
  • A finishing coat is applied to seal in the chips

Throughout the entire process, your epoxy flooring and other concrete floor will receive utmost care from our professional installers. So, you need not worry about everything else because we got you!

Benefits of Having Plain, 3D or Metallic Epoxy Floor

The product we use comes highly recommended because it provides a lot of benefits. As long as it is installed properly, its durability and appeal are unmatched. Here are some of the perks of having our coating installed:

  • Works well in wet areas
  • Features a slip-resistant orange peel texture
  • Smooth and shiny finish
  • Low volatile organic (VOC) content
  • Low odor
  • More affordable than a new concrete surface installation
  • Can be customized to match the surroundings

So be it plain, 3D or metallic, if you work with us, your epoxy floors Houston TX will be better than ever. We assure that we will provide you the best service that you need.

Isn’t it about time to upgrade your garage floors, lobbies, restaurant flooring, or basements? Call us at (281) 407-0779 and try our epoxy floors Houston solution!

Now that you have learned about the benefits and the application process of a garage floor epoxy coating, don’t you think it’s high time to upgrade your surfaces? We specialize in the installation of this seamless floor choice. We have been in the concrete business for more than three decades. We have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. As the exclusive Sundek installer in Houston, we are here to serve your residential or commercial needs. Give us a call to find out just how cost-effective our products are. We’ll even give you a free quote!

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