Epoxy Floor Installation

The garage is home to a lot of stuff. Starting from the vehicle to lawn mowers, carpentry tools, and leftover paint. Garage floors in Houston are prone to damage because of all those stuff. Imagine what happens when heavy vehicles stay parked for a long time. When tools fall on the floor or if paint gets spilled. To keep the garage floor in tip top shape, resurface it with a coating of epoxy. Not only does it become more durable, it also gives a long-lasting appeal one would never think possible on a garage floor.

 Installing Epoxy Flooring in Houston Garages

More and more residential and commercial garage owners are opting for epoxy coatings because it can be used on an existing concrete floor. It is highly recommended to have a pro install it to make sure that it adheres properly on the concrete slab and that it cures to a hard surface with no issues at all. Here is a brief look at how pros install epoxy flooring:

  • epoxy flooring houstonFirst off, the garage needs to be cleared of all the stuff that occupies the floor area. Clean the surface to remove any debris and dust.
  • If any repair is needed on the garage floor, such as cracks or small holes, it is important for these to be addressed first. If the damage is too deep and extensive, it might be more practical to have a new concrete floor re-poured.
  • The resin and hardener are mixed together and then applied evenly on the surface with a paint roller.
  • Epoxy flooring can be customized with paint chips. You can opt for one or more colors for this. Mix different colored paint chips together and then broadcast it onto the first layer of epoxy.
  • Once the first epoxy layer has dried, sweep off or vacuum the excess paint chips.
  • Apply a top layer to keep the paint chips in place. Leave the epoxy flooring to cure and dry for about three days before putting all the stuff back in.

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We at Bullion Coatings care about you and your investments. We want to make sure that your garage floor serves you better for years to come. Epoxy flooring in Houston has become a popular option because of the multiple benefits that come with it. Our company has been in the concrete industry for over 30 years. Each of our installers is highly trained and experienced in the application of an epoxy coating on garage floors and other interior floors. Want to know how much it would cost? Give us a call. We’d love to give you a price quote for free.

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