Custom Scorelines – Getting Along with Mother Nature

Truth to be told, there is no concrete product that is stronger than mother nature. When she decides to move there is no stopping her.

That is why one of the most common problems of property owners is concrete cracks whether it’s in interior floor, garage, basement, driveways, pool decks, patios and entryways as long as there is concrete cracks can appear.

There are two options in getting rid of ugly cracks:

THE NON-ECONOMICAL WAY – Tearing out the entire slab and pouring fresh concrete.

THE BULLION COATINGS WAY – Using Custom Scorelines

Concrete Patio with  Custom  Scoreline
Concrete Patio with Custom Scoreline

This process involves opening up the concrete crack and filling it in with flexible joint sealant allowing the concrete to move along with mother nature. The cracks are then camouflage with custom scorelines extending to the entire surface completing the decorative transformation.

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