Protecting Concrete Pool Decks from Premature Damage

concrete pool deck

When it comes to pool decks, concrete is a popular choice. Aside from being as durable as time itself, it can be customized to match a customer’s needs and style preferences. Any pool deck, be it a stained, stenciled, or stamped concrete pool deck, looks good as soon as completed. However, there will always come a time when usage would finally take its toll. To keep a pool deck in shape and long-lasting condition, here are some great tips on how to protect concrete pool decks.

Seal Swimming Pool Decks

After a pool deck resurfacing, contractors would often recommend adding a concrete pool deck sealer for added protection and shine. There are many good reasons why it should be done:

  • Sealers protect the pool deck from constant exposure to water and chlorine.
  • It is a protective layer on the pool deck coating, making it last longer.
  • A sealer enhances the design and colors of the pool deck.
  • A sealer, if mixed with a fine aggregate, can make the pool deck slip-resistant

Slope the Deck Slightly

Whether it is a newly built pool deck or a resurfaced one, try to make the surface tilt just a teeny bit towards a drainage. This way, water runoff can easily be managed. Water puddles on a pool deck could weaken the area it sits on.

Scrub and Clean with Mild Cleaners

There are many pool deck ideas for cleaning and maintenance. In fact, the grocery store alone holds an entire aisle of cleaning products for floors. A surface that has undergone a pool deck repair or resurfacing will not benefit from strong and harsh cleaning products. It may break down the concrete and even make the sealer fade out.

Remove Moss Growth

Whether people like it or not, moss may grow on concrete. Although it looks all cute and feels soft on underfoot, its roots can break down the concrete and make it a lot weaker. This would eventually lead to crack and even pitting. As soon as moss is detected, remove it immediately to prevent it from spreading. A properly applied sealer should be able to prevent this.

Add Expansion Joints on Concrete Pool Decks

There are a lot of pool decking options to resurface the floor around your pool. However, one of the most common issues that could strike is cracking and there is no real way to stop it because it can be caused by the natural movement of the soil underneath. To minimize this, it is highly recommended to add expansion joints or scorelines decoratively, of course. This not only adds design on your concrete pool deck, it also gives the slabs enough room to move and adjust.

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