Revitalizing Your Aging Concrete

garage-epoxy-flooringIf you notice that your concrete surfaces are starting to get dirty or stained, you might want to consider having it restored. Concrete restoration will absolutely help you fix these problems up and make your concrete looking as good as new. The concrete restoration process is a system that would make your concrete surface look like it’s just been laid out fresh, without the trouble and cost of replacing the concrete surface.

We use special tools top effectively renew your concrete surface and give it a glossy finish. We can apply sealants that protects the surface underneath from oil and water stains which are primary destroyers of concrete. Your surface will become a candidate for deterioration with these elements hanging around. If your commercial building surfaces are starting to crumble, is broken or has an uneven surface, you should totally go for concrete repair. It’s the only way for you to be able to restore it to its original beautiful state.

Once you restore your concrete, it eliminates the need for cleaning and sealing. It also stabilizes your building foundation in the process of restoration. Fixing a broken or cracked concrete has been found to effectively increase a property’s resale value. It also saves you big bucks from future structural repairs. Cracks are inevitable; they are sure to appear over time, and it’s very difficult to predict when these will show up. Usually, cracks appear because of stress fractures, heavy loads, water damage and extremely heavy use (this happens more often in the garage).

Once you see imperfections and signs of deterioration on your concrete surface, it’s recommended for you to opt for concrete repair so that they will not expand. One small crack can cause water damage, erosion and moisture penetration. Concrete movement and cracks on its structure are also one of the problems than concrete restoration can fix. Deteriorated or pitted concrete can be fixed with a special based polymer, which is also a good material to repair spalled surfaces.

If you need a job that’s done in a hurry, we can apply an asphalt or epoxy patch that can be set in about 15 to 20 minutes. Light traffic can be allowed right after an hour that the patch sets.

If there are troubles that arise from your concrete surface, or if you just need a deep clean for your patio and garage floors, make sure to contact us to be sure that your concrete would look as good as new, bringing it back to the beauty that it was always meant to have.

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