Revive Your Home or Business with Existing Concrete Spaces

Did you know that you can actually reinvigorate and restore your existing concrete surfaces? From flooring systems to mantles, you can definitely rehabilitate and refinish your concrete to amp up your standards and preferences. Imagine your basement. Under that horrible carpeting is your concrete slab, a blank canvas waiting for your artistic prowess to turn it into a breath-taking piece of property

Acid Washing

By acid washing your concrete, it would even out the color tones and essentially scrubs out the stains and discolorations that you thought you won’t be able to remove forever. Concrete is basically a relatively porous material. If it’s unsealed (or improperly sealed), it will eventually soak up all the liquid stuff on it, which would ultimately lead to unattractive discoloration and stains. Once you acid wash your surface, it will clear any of that liquid out, giving you a fresh, clean space that can be resealed so you can maintain the evenness.

Concrete Polishing

Polished Interior Floor

When you hear the word concrete, you’d probably instantly think of the rough sidewalk that you always walked on even before you think of smooth garage floors or even countertops. We can polish your existing concrete surface up to an extremely fine grit, giving you a smooth and glossy concrete surface worth showing off to your friends and family. Whether you are restoring your bar top or are looking to use concrete floors into your residential property. It’s a great way to bring out the natural hues and accenting dyes as you put a finishing touch on your concrete.

Epoxies and Resinous Flooring

Using these systems is a great and awesome way to bring an updated look to your concrete surface. Using customized colors, epoxies and resins bring added safety, durability, slip resistance, and more to your existing concrete. Refinishing, or laying down an epoxy or resin, is a cost-effective and unique way to beautify existing concrete flooring without feeling the need to throw a rug down on it.

If you’re looking to refinish, revamp or revive your space, think about integrating your existing concrete into your home or business.

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