Signs that Your Concrete is in Need of Repair, ASAP!

pConcrete is a very durable and versatile material. These are two major reasons why it is a highly preferable base material for almost any type of structure. But just like most materials, it gets old, weak, and weathered. Fortunately, concrete repair options are available. But how will you know if you need to call an expert concrete contractor to perform some repairs? Here are tell-tale signs:


decorative concreteThis is one of the most common damages on concrete surfaces. No matter how small the cracks are, it is strongly recommended to have a pro take a look. It could be something superficial resulting from improperly mixed concrete or impact. It could also be something worse like improper subgrade compaction, steel structure issues, and underground soil movement. If the cracking problem is on the surface only, it could be fixed with an epoxy filler and custom scoreline.

Uneven Slabs

decorative concreteSlabs that start to become uneven are often caused by a subgrade issue. This can be easily fixed with slab jacking or mud jacking. This is a process of inserting a grout mixture through a drilled hole in the concrete slab. The grout mixture fills up the void and slowly raises the sunken section of the slab until it becomes even again.

Water Puddles

When water starts puddling when it wasn’t before, then you should have someone assess your concrete surface. Puddling is a sign that the area has sunk. It also means that water is not draining properly or there is no efficient drainage incorporated when the slab was installed. Also, puddle water can damage concrete if left standing for a long time. If the water gets absorbed into the surface, it’s a sign that any existing sealer has faded and become ineffective.

Aged Appearance

Aside from cracks and holes, another sign that concrete has been around for a very long time is discoloration. This can either be caused by spillage, a natural occurrence on concrete surfaces, or rust leaking out from the steel foundation. Regardless of the cause, it does not look good. A remedy for this is a decorative concrete solution called concrete staining. It effectively disguises the discoloration on the concrete by covering it with a stain color that penetrates past the surface. This keeps the color from fading or peeling.

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