Stained Concrete Cost: A Guide

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Stained concrete is an ideal solution for dressing up plain and boring surfaces. This isc a way more affordable alternative than using tile, carpets, vinyl, and other flooring materials. Most decorative concrete contractors charge about $2 to $5 per square foot. You may be considering a DIY to save money but there really isn’t much difference except that the results would not be as efficient as one done by a professional. The overall costs, however, will vary for each and every project. Although it is more affordable, it is a worthwhile investment since this type of floor treatment is could last for decades and will rarely need replacement.

Factors that Affect Concrete Staining Cost

  • Size of the Job

Since each project is charged per square foot, the cost could go up if the concrete space is bigger or wider. This is one reason why contractors ask to see the space up close before making a quote in order to see how wide the area that needs staining.

  • Type of Staining Solutions

There are two types of concrete stain: acid and water-based. Both can be used on outdoor and interior floors but acid stain costs a bit more expensive than the water-based type. This is probably because it needs more preparation, produces unique effects, and requires more cleanup.

  • Surface Preparation

As mentioned earlier, acid staining requires more preparation. The slab needs to be prepared in a way that the acid stain would be able to penetrate it and produce the effects caused by the chemical reaction between the stain and the slab’s lime and mineral content. Repairs, like patching and crack filling, may also incur additional charges.

  • Complexity of Design

Staining can be done with a single color all throughout the floor. It can also be more decorative with the use of stencils, saw cuts, or engraving. The more difficult the design required by the customer, the more expensive it will be because it would require the skill of an artisan.

  • Type of Sealer Used

A stained surface needs to be properly sealed to keep the color intact for a longer time. There are many different types of sealers for concrete. It is important to hire a contractor to do the whole thing up until the sealing part. They know better about staining and which sealer would work best for the slab and the stain used.

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