Stained Concrete: How It’s Done

If this is your first time to hear about staining concrete, you’re at the right place. You’re wondering what it is and how it works. It has actually been around for many years (much like our company), but it’s just now that this method of concrete resurfacing is gaining popularity. Homeowners, business owners and designers are developing an attraction to stained concrete because of its unique look that’s created when different stain colors are combined.

It’s also a great way to achieve an expensive-looking surface that resembles marble, stone or granite. So if you’re on a tight budget and at the same time having a taste for the exquisite and luxurious, staining concrete floors is practically the best investment for you.

If you want something basic that does the job, you can probably do it on your own. However, if you hire a professional, a more attractive and quality finish will be achieved. If you’re curious as to how this is done, here are the steps that we take in concrete staining:

Cleaning the surface. This should be the first thing to consider. If the job is to be done indoors, removing all trims and making sure the surface is entirely clean is done.

  1. Testing a stain in a small location in the area is done before you actually apply it. Stains react differently to different surfaces, and the final result is unclear until you see it yourself. Testing the stain to see desired look is important.
  2. If working inside, the bottom 3 feet of walls should be covered with masking paper. Doing this protects your walls from splashes by the concrete stain to be applied. It’s always best to be cautious and prepared for the worst case scenario.
  3. Mixing the stain should be done with proper care and gear. The necessary equipment is used and the stain is mixed in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Testing out the mixture before applying the coat is done right after.
  4. The stain is then applied randomly around the floor, making sure that it’s evenly applied on the entire area.
  5. Neutralizing the surface by using four parts water to one part ammonia and letting the floor dry.
  6. As it dries, mopping and vacuuming any remaining water is done.
  7. Sealing the floor protects it from every day wear and tear and improves its look.

Doing a concrete stain requires A LOT of work so you might as well hire us for premium decorative concrete coats! Bullion Coatings can work the job for you in the quickest, possible way.

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