3 Places to Get Stamped Concrete Design Ideas

A stamped concrete patio or driveway is a huge trend among residential and commercial properties nowadays. Although contractors offer a wide selection of patterns to choose from, picking the right one is just such a challenge, isn’t it? One pattern may look good on a brochure but once it is actually under your feet, you may start to develop mixed feelings about it. There are many places that could trigger ideas when it comes to stamped concrete patterns, such as:

1. The Exterior of Your House

stamped concrete patio houstonWhen you are out looking down on your patio, wondering what pattern would look great with it, do this: look up. Sometimes, the best ideas are triggered by something that is right in front of us. What does your exterior look like? Is it made of bricks, stones, or wood? Once you drink in the look of the exterior of your house, think about patterns that would match or complement the material, texture, or pattern that is used on the outside walls of the structure.

2. The Web

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If you already have a contractor in mind, check the photo gallery on their website. You may also use a search engine to find images of stamped concrete spaces in different homes and establishments. You will be surprised to find that there are several other patterns and combinations that you are not aware of. You can ask the contractor if they can customize a pattern for you if you find something you like that is not part of the options they offer.


3. Commercial Establishments

concrete patio houstonWhen you are out in the mall or in some restaurant, observe their floors. Many commercial establishments use stamped concrete because it is an appealing yet cost-effective option. Take a look at the pattern, is it something you would like to see on your patio or driveway? Walk on it, does it feel comfortable under your feet? If you find one that looks interesting, take a photo of it and show it to your contractor if it is something they can do.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Do not limit yourself to the brochure or media kit you received from prospect contractors. If you see a pattern or a stamped surface anywhere, try to document it by taking a photo and adding it to your list of options. Also, make sure to discuss with your family to get their opinions and suggestion as well.

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