Top Stamped Concrete Driveway Designs and Patterns

A concrete driveway is more economical for most homeowners. Also, most people would rather invest in interior floors. With the possibility of making the driveway look like high-end materials at an incredibly low cost, more and more people are becoming interested in a stamped overlay. This type of stamped concrete driveway resurfacing method is cost-effective, easy to maintain, durable, and highly aesthetic. The only difficult thing involved here is choosing the right pattern and design for your driveway. To give you an idea, here are the top designs and patterns imprinted on concrete overlays:

Slate or Fractured Slate

concrete driveway

Slate, although cut roughly, always breaks and splits into a slightly flat and smooth surface. This can easily be replicated with stamp mats. The great thing about a slate design is that it can be used along with other patterns like ashlar. The texture of the cut and split surface makes it perfect for slip-resistance and grip.


concrete drivewayAshlar is a pattern made up of squares and rectangles. The cool thing about this pattern is that it can be stained to look like a modern contemporary surface or a traditional, stone surface.



concrete drivewayA flagstone pattern consists of irregularly-shaped stones. Stamp mats can be designed to imprint this irregular look onto an overlay with realistic accuracy. Some concrete contractors even go as far as manually engraving the pattern onto the overlay to give it a more realistic look. Concrete stains can be manually applied to acquire the multi-color look of real stone. The result is very luxurious. You can expect your driveway to be a real head-turner.


concrete drivewayBrick is one of the most classic and traditional materials for driveways so it is but natural to have a stamped concrete pattern that can mimic it. The great thing about brick is that it can be arranged into so many patterns, such as basketweave, herringbone, European fan, and the common running brick.


concrete drivewayThis pattern replicates the traditional roads and pavements in Old Europe. These consists of rounded stones or large pebbles that are laid onto the street and then set in place with mortar. It is textured enough to make it easy for vehicles to tread on but smooth enough for comfortable walking. Aside from driveways, this pattern can also be used on walkways, pathways, and front entryways.


concrete drivewayAlthough wood is not a common material for a driveway, you can make yours a stand out with a wooden pattern imprinted on an overlay. Passersby and neighbors will surely be curious and amazed seeing a wooden driveway for the first time.

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