Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers: Which is Better?

When it comes to outdoor floors, the most ideal paving options are stamped concrete and concrete paversWhile both are ideal and could resemble each other, the question really lies on which one would be the ultimate choice: stamped concrete or pavers? Here is a brief look at their similarities and differences based on a variety of factors. 


Paver units come in a variety of colors and can be installed in a variety of patterns on the lawn. The only downside is that some pieces may need to be cut or trimmed in order to complete the pattern impeccably. Stamped concrete Houston solutions, on the other hand, come with a wide selection of patterns and designs that are easily imprinted on the overlay. Concrete staining can make it more colorful and vibrant.


Pavers are known for their durability and flexibility, giving the ground enough room to move since the individual paver units are not bound together with a hardened mortar. Stamped concrete patio Houston floors are one of the most durable walking surfaces when installed correctly. Cracking is easy to manage by scoring the slab or adding expansion joints. Such workaround can easily be incorporated into the design.

Repair Options

Paver surfaces are prone to move and become uneven. Damaged paver units can be easily replaced, making repairs a lot easier. The challenge here is to find the exact same type, shape, and color of paver. Stamped concrete repair means it would need to be resealed or resurfaced again.


Pavers can be quite expensive especially if you choose a rare color and shape. Labor costs more than it would for concrete stamping because each unit needs to be planned and carefully placed one by one by a professional mason or installer. Stamped concrete is a cheaper alternative to almost any type of paving materials because it only involves a thin layer of concrete and a stamp mat with a specific pattern and design. What makes stamped concrete expensive depends on what type of design or pattern would be integrated, how many colors would be used, and if these colors would be sprayed on or manually painted on the overlay.


Outdoor pavers can be quite challenging to clean because a lot of dirt can get stuck in between the units. Decorative concrete Houston surfaces, on the other hand, consists of one surface with slight grooves, so dirt stays on the surface and can be easily cleaned with a broom or a soft-bristled brush. Both require resealing after every couple of years.

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