Top 6 Stamped Concrete Patterns for Contemporary Homes

More and more people are choosing contemporary design concepts for their homes. Some attributes that are common to such homes are flexible present-day themes, wide and open floor spaces, minimalist elements, and industrial materials, like concrete. This is one reason why decorative stamped concrete is such a hit among contemporary design enthusiasts. If you are looking for stamped concrete patio designs and patterns that would match or complement the design that your house currently has, here are some suggestions:


stamped concrete pool deck houstonAshlar is a type of masonry that consists of stone blocks with finely cut edges. Unlike a cobblestone pattern, the gaps are narrow and tight, like each piece is made to fit all the others around it, even if the blocks are of varying cuboid sizes. Although this pattern is meant to depict an old world charm, its random square and rectangular shapes give it a geometric look that is common in contemporary designs.

Square Tile

Tile is a common pattern but the simple rows of squares in equal sizes are enough to accent a contemporary house. Small-sized tiles look more modern and almost futuristic.

A larger tile size is a safer option for homeowners who want a complementary pattern but not too “out there”.


Herringbone Brick

stamped concrete pool deckHerringbone brick is a more decorative pattern that can be used in contemporary homes. It may look traditional but a simple change of color, somewhere in the grayscale range, will definitely make it look modernized.


Diamond Tile

There are different types of diamond tile patterns. There is the simple one which is a square tile tilted 90 degrees to one side. There are more complicated ones that look like 3D cubes stacked on top of each other, a geometric diamond pattern, and more.


Long Brick Pattern

This is similar to a brick pattern but each piece is longer and narrower than the standard brick shape. It looks like slats of stone that has been stacked on top of each other with ends alternating with middles.


stamped concrete patioSeamless Fractured Slate

This is seamless because there are no gaps, cuts, or divisions. Although not a pattern, it is still technically a stamped texture. Since real slate is often white to gray, it makes an ideal option for an outdoor concrete space. It sort of brings together the best of natural stone and the colors of contemporary and minimalist design concepts.

It can be quite tricky to incorporate each and every element in your home to match the contemporary theme you have in mind. However, there is no need to make everything match. A burst of color or a classical design may not match but it would be a stunning break to prevent any tendency to be monotonous. If still in doubt, consult a professional stamped concrete expert.

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