Taking Good Care of Your Concrete

One of the bstained-concrete-interior-spaceest things and assets about concrete is its low maintenance. It’s so easy to maintain that when it comes to cleaning it, you’re not exactly sure on how to go about it. You’re clueless. Proper maintenance is essential to keep your concrete surface in its proper and optimum condition for the longest time possible, regardless of the kind of concrete that you have.

Okay so first up, indoor concrete flooring. It’s a system that’s super easy to take care of. It usually has a finish more than an outdoor concrete and it’s extra strong when it comes to weather conditions. Every day, it stays clean. But with any kind of floor, dust, dust and grime can start to accumulate over time.

More often than not, the only cleaning chore that your resurfaced concrete needs is a quick and dry mopping. You dry mop a stained concrete floor with a soft cotton mop head to remove dust and o
can also be useful to remove all of the dirt. Apply a mild cleanser to a damp mop and clean a small section of your interior concrete to remove the surface dirt. Use a clean cotton towel to dry each section of freshly-washed concrete before you move on to the next part of the surface so that you’d know if the dirt came off or not. A mild dish detergent makes for a good cleaner. The main reason why you should wash and dry your flooring in sections is to ensure that no part of the flooring remain wet for a prolonged period. Concrete surfaces, especially stained concrete, can suffer a slight discoloration if moisture is not removed right away.

For exterior concrete, push a stiff, bristled broom up and down your concrete surface to remove the accumulated leaves, pine needles, dust and other pieces of debris. You can use a garden hose to take out the dirt that rooted itself in the concrete after you sweep it. A hose with a pressure nozzle can do the job perfectly. For outdoor floor stains, scrub it lightly with a diluted bleach solution. That ought to do the trick. Pour bleach on the stain, rinse with hot water and scrub. You can repeat this process until the stain is gone.

For a more effective prevention against wear and tear and environmental problems, resealing your exterior concrete floor regularly will do.

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