Textured Concrete for Restaurants: A Touch of Elegance

If you are an owner of an elegant and classy restaurant, there are a lot of things you need to consider especially when it comes to your interior and exterior design. You have to make sure that the décor matches your high-class and quality atmosphere. While a great deal of these things to consider involves paint, furniture, tablecloths, lighting and other similar things, your concrete surface plays a key role in defining the elegance of your restaurant. It adds to the overall appearance of your surface and it adds great value and appeal to both the floors and also the sides of bars and counters.

Take Your Customers to Places

One of the biggest reasons why you should try to consider adding a textured concrete overlay to your elegant restaurant is its ability to give customers a feel of a place where they haven’t been to, but is now experiencing the food from the place. Take Italy for example. Adapting a texture by using Sundek‘s Tuscan flooring system (which is actually inspired by Italian spaces). You can also use SunStamp and combine certain stains and stamps of your own design choice that could serve the same function for any other kind of restaurant. This will allow you to imitate the look of real stone that are found on floors in other countries, or just simply creating a surface that looks and feels like expensive stone. A textured concrete space adds a touch of elegance to a space.

Durable, Ease of Maintenance and Safety

The benefits of having a textured decorative concrete overlay installed on your restaurant’s surface go way beyond than just adding to the elegance, theme and décor. These concrete surfaces are extremely durable, you don’t have to worry about utensils or plates being dropped on it. The ease of maintenance on a textured concrete surface reduces the cleanup time at the end of each business day so you and your staff can go home earlier. Most importantly, decorative concrete in texture overlays are more slip-resistant than the normal non-textured ones, reducing the risk of your customers and other staff members slipping on the surface and ending up injured. This is very important because you can never avoid the chances of beverages being spilled on the floor or the way it needs to be cleaned before you open.

Now if you have a restaurant and thinking about upgrading the look and feel, consider having us install a textured decorative concrete overlay. We have various design applications and Sundek products that could do the job of raising the design appeal of your elegant restaurant.

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