4 Mistakes People Make When Installing a Pool

A swimming pool is an exciting addition to any home in Houston. It is a great place to refresh, relax, and have fun with family and friends. However, there is more to it than just digging a hole and filling it with water. It needs to be planned carefully before the project can begin. Here are the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing a pool. Read them and learn from them.

1. Sun-less Location

pool deck resurfacing houstonMake sure to choose the right location for your pool. Some pools have already been dug out before the owner realizes that the sun does not shine on the part of the property. Although not entirely necessary, the sun can help heat up the pool water and provide the much-needed Vitamin D while most of your skin is exposed.

2. A Design with the Wrong Purpose

pool deck resurfacing houstonThink about what the pool will be used for first. If it involves kids, make sure that the pool has kid-friendly features. You can’t install a lap pool if no one in the house actually does laps. Make sure that the design you choose is appropriate for whatever the pool will be used for the most.


3. The Wrong Pool Deck Material

pool decking houstonIt is normal to swoon over attractive materials when browsing a magazine of pool ideas. However, the aesthetics of a pool deck material must not be the main basis for choosing a material. It is important to consider slip-resistance, the ability to reflect heat back, and the durability and longevity of the material. In case you already have a pool deck and you are just looking to add a pool, you can change the material with a pool deck concrete resurfacing. It maintains your deck and just tops it off with a layer of new overlay or coating.

4. Bigger is Not Always Better

pool deck resurfacing houstonA big pool may seem amazing but it is not if you don’t need the extra space. Also, you have to consider how much cleaning and maintenance a huge pool requires. If you have the time and money to maintain a large pool, then so be it. But if not, choose a more manageable size.


5. Adding Unnecessary Features

pool deck resurfacing houstonDiving boards, fountains, water jets, and other extras on a pool may make the pool a lot more fun but be ready for the additional charges on your electric bill and insurance. Instead, invest in swim rings, pool noodles, and other safe pool toys that the whole family can enjoy.

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