3 Unique Flooring Styles For Your Balcony

You may have never considered the flooring in your balcony. Perhaps you’ve looked at it once or twice and decided that as long as it was clean, it was good to go. But there can be many benefits to being more thoughtful about the flooring in your balcony – including a better outdoor living space, a more cohesive flow from the outside to the inside of your home or apartment, and a place that can serve as an entertaining space.

polished concrete floor balcony

It can all depend on what you choose for your balcony, and flooring is part of that decision.

Stamped concrete

Chances are, your balcony floor is already made of concrete. It’s a popular and durable material so it is the preferred material for many outdoor spaces. So you may be wondering how stamped concrete is any different.

But to be completely blunt, stamped concrete is on a whole other level from plain concrete floors. Concrete stamping is a decorative concrete method that takes stamping mats and rollers onto wet concrete to transform it into something that is patterned and decorated. Stamping concrete is not restricted to just one kind of design, and there is a great variety of options for anyone looking to use the technique. 

For a balcony, can we suggest faux brick stamped concrete floors? Or perhaps faux wood? Concrete contractors can basically do anything! 

Artificial grass

We know what you’re thinking: artificial grass hasn’t been popular in years. And frankly, it might be more suited to a deck or a backyard than a balcony. But listen to us: artificial grass is a fun and interesting flooring option for your balcony. 

artificial grass floor

Not only will it serve as a great conversation starter every time someone goes out there, but it also brings a pop of color to your otherwise dull balcony. There’s also something quite charming about “grass” under your feet when you go outside. Prop a table and some chairs on it and you have a great outdoor space for entertaining.

Not to mention it’s incredibly affordable and easy to clean.

Rubber tiles

Not a flooring material that often gets considered, rubber is the certified underdog of the outdoor flooring material game. It’s a super affordable flooring material that offers great comfort for walking barefoot on, sitting down on, or even jumping on (if that’s something you want to do on your balcony). But more than that, it comes in interlocking tiles that are easy to install and that come in many designs and colors.

You basically can’t go wrong with them.

wooden floor balcony
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