Pool Deck Repair FAQ: When to Drain the Pool

The pool deck can acquire damage if it used often and exposed to harmful elements and intense weather changes. The great thing about a concrete pool deck is that it can be repaired when certain issues have started become visible and bothersome. A lot of owners are concerned about whether the swimming pool needs to be drained or not. Many troubles can arise when a pool is drained and left unfilled for a long time, such as:

  • The walls could blister and chip off
  • The liner might float, shift, or wrinkle
  • Children or pets could fall and injure themselves

So, should the pool be drained for a pool deck repair job?

To Drain or Not to Drain

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It is not advisable to drain the pool even if it gets dirty. There are methods to clean it up and make the water safe again without replacing all of it. In this time when drought happens more often, the argument to not drain has become stronger. As much as possible, do not allow contractors to drain the pool for a deck repair job as it will create more damage and dangers that way. During the initial consultation, it is highly recommended to ask the contractor if they would need to drain the pool. Work together to find an alternative method for repairing the deck without having to drain the pool. A partial drain can be done if really necessary, but never a complete drain.

What Can be Done Instead

  • One of the most popular methods for protecting the swimming pool while pool deck repairs are ongoing is to use a pool cover. It can keep dust and debris out of the water and it makes it a lot easier for installers to clean up when the job is done.
  • If repairs are also needed for the pool wall or floor after repairing the deck, find a licensed contractor who can do an underwater repair.
  • Set up a tent or makeshift walls around the pool deck area that needs to be repaired. This will contain any mess within the tent without compromising the cleanliness of the pool. This is also ideal for minor repairs and for pool owners who would still want to use the pool despite some repairs on the deck.

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Now that you understand how dangerous it could be to drain the pool completely, find a pool deck repair contractor who can help you find a way to keep the water in the pool during repairs. It can be a challenge but it will save you from more costly repairs when the pool gets damaged.

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